Best Stop Snoring Devices and Sleep Apnea Treatments

WATCH: Dr. Levi Discusses Snoring On Seven Network

WATCH: Dr. Levi Discusses Snoring On Seven Network

Dr. Levi’s Latest TV Appearance

Sleep Medicine Consultant Dr. Mark Levi discussed the cause and a few countermeasures for snoring.

Dr. Levi’s Sleep Clinic is one of the leading Sleep & Snore Centres in Australia, offering patients a clear management and unbiased treatment recommendations for sleep disorders.

Watch this clip of Dr. Levi’s chat with Ed and Zoe on The House of Wellness, only on the Seven Network.

Snoring – how does it actually affect us and what’s happening in our bodies when snoring. There are some simple ways to fix it and some difficult ways, it could be expensive or cheap.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

1. CPAP – forcing the air down into your lungs. Dr. Levi was diagnosed with sleep apnea and had CPAP for 2 whole years, unable to sleep at night and snore like a train. CPAP is the best in the world and getting great results in the market recently.

2. Surgery – does surgery is recommended in the sleep world? It’s not necessarily the first thing we run for and it goes with 19 – 20 operations but not all at once.

3. Dental Approach – a more natural option. Dentals are made well and custom-made perfect for each individual patient.

4. Nasal Dilator – opens your airway upright and help you breath more easily.

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