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Video Consulting Saves You Time and Money


Why do we do video conferences?
Video consults save you time, travel, money, and a lot of advanced planning around work and family responsibilities.
They are also more relaxing for everyone.

How do we make a video conference happen?
Video consultation is actually quite simple to do.

There are two easy methods to schedule a video consult . . .

  1. The “any time” method:  we start with a phone call to make sure the time is convenient for you.Then we send an email to you with a link that you click, which opens up a video screen on your computer or tablet.
    (Mobile phones also work, but definitely not the preferred video method as the small screen can distort and be quite off-putting)
  2. The “fixed time” method: between us we decide on a day and time for the consult. Beforehand we send an email with the link you need, and at the agreed time you click the link and we start consulting

Where do we have our video conference?
For the most productive conversations, you need to be in a private, quiet area or room, and preferably without other people around.
Consultations are easiest if you are sitting at a table or desk, and not having to hold the screen, tablet or laptop.
Consults involving actual products need you to have the equipment on hand, and other necessities close by (power, machine etc)
We find that actually doing the process has a higher retention factor than just talking you through it.

What can we do on a video conference?
Almost anything you wish to discuss can be done by video conference, including equipment setups and training

You are virtually sitting across the table from one of our highly trained staff, clinicians, doctors or sleep physicians, depending on what the discussion is about.
Almost everything is possible, especially if the discussion is pre-planned, and any required equipment has been forwarded to you in advance.



You are always welcome to come into one of our clinics if that is what you prefer. Always!