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A portion of Snorers are shown in Sleep Study results to have a medical condition called Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is two things, a problem with your sleep, and a problem with your breathing.
The sleep problem is immediate, and the respiratory problem takes a longer time to really hurt you.

Short Sleep Version: During an apneic event, your throat closes, seriously restricting your breathing.
Your body reacts to this by waking you up, at which time you breathe again.
These wake/sleep cycles can occur many, many times per night depending on the severity of your apnea.
And most of the time you have no idea that they are actually happening.

This wake/sleep cycle means that you are often unable to reach the deeper sleep levels you need to wake up refreshed.
So you spend your days being tired and grumpy, and moody.
Often, your blood pressure goes up, so does your weight, and your memory isn’t what it used to be.

Searching “lack of sleep” will show you all the horrible things that research has shown can come from lack of sleep.
The one that got me to actually do something about my constant fatigue was falling asleep while driving.
Luckily I was alone at the time.

There are also several long term health issues that seem to be hand in glove with untreated Sleep Apnea – Hypertension, Stroke, Heart Disease, Diabetes, even Obesity.
Research into sleep is ongoing, and every month it seems that new connections emerge between sleep and our physiological and mental needs and condition.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea
Complications of Sleep Apnea

Worried about your sleep?

Do a Sleep Study and get the answers.
With us, the test is bulk-billed, so it costs you nothing but a little of your time.
And the results will get you pointed in the right direction.

Knowing  the actual problem is halfway to the solution.

Controlling Sleep Apnea, whatever the method you use, will give you back control over your life, over how you feel each and every day.
And the treatment extends to all those around you, and to your very own future health.


The STOP-Bang Questionnaire was developed by the good people at the Toronto Western Hospital, the University Health Network and the University of Toronto.
It has proven to be the most indicative of all the subjective tests out there.
The answers are pretty close, but if you are on the cusp, we recommend doing a test.

We have included it here, for your own use.
Be aware, you may not like the outcome.

Click on the image to do the test – yes, it’s totally private.

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