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The NightLase procedure

NightLase™ Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Laser Treatment

  • Immediate results last up to 15 months*
  • Dr. Mark Levi and world-renowned Dr. Harvey Shiffman (Florida, USA) get an average improvement of 75% or greater using the NightLase laser treatment (with the Florida protocols)
  • The latest and most advanced technology
  • No mouthguard required
  • Quick and comfortable procedure – in and out with no side effects
  • Painless – non-invasive, no surgery or anesthesia
  • Sleep easier and wake up refreshed – relief for everyone
sleep apnea test cost

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Just like other parts of our body, the soft tissue in the back of our throat weakens with age and loses muscle tone. Snoring occurs when this tissue collapses while asleep. NightLase™ uses the medical power of Er:YAG laser light to strengthen the soft palate, uvula and tissues of the throat that would otherwise relax and obstruct the air passage. The heat generated by the laser’s photo thermal capabilities converts and forms new collagen which results in tightening of the tissues and opening up the airways – and the patient’s quality of life and wellbeing improving.

No, the heat of the laser will create a warm feeling at the back of your throat which should cause you no discomfort or pain.

Dr Mark Levi and world renowned Dr Harvey Shiffman (Florida, USA) get an average improvement of 75% or greater using the NightLase laser treatment (with the Florida protocols).

Recent clinical study results prove how effective NightLase™ laser treatment is at reducing the severity of snoring and sleep apnoea:

  • Nonsurgical Minimally Invasive Er:YAG Laser Snoring Treatment
  • NightLase™ – a New Laser Treatment Method for the Reduction of Snoring and Sleep Apnea – a Pilot Study
  • NightLase™ – Laser-Assisted Snoring and Apnea Reduction, 9 Months of Experience

NightLase™ is chemical-free and no cutting or surgery is performed, which means there are no side effects or a need to wear a mouthguard or face mask whilst asleep. The best results are experienced six months after the full course of treatment. This is when new collagen has formed and snoring/sleep apnoea symptoms decrease the most.

Full results are clinically proven to last between a 12-15 months* or until the throat tissues begin to weaken and subsequently collapse. For this reason, one maintenance session is usually required a year to prolong results and reverse any deterioration

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