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Ranging from the simple to the more complex, here are some products worthy of your attention if snoring is your problem

Originally put together as a gift for snoring sleeping partners, the Dr. Snore Trial Box has proven popular and a successful solution for many people with low level and intermittent snoring.

You get to try several different products, and determine which works best for you, or if you really need to go up a notch in your search for a silent night.

For Mild Snoring

Mute™ nasal inserts – inserts that keep your nostrils open, but without the skin tearing effect of external nasal strips

For Mild to Moderate Snoring

Theravent™ – a simple, ingenious therapy that uses back pressure from your nose to stop the vibration that causes snoring sounds

For On Your Back Snoring and Apneas


NightShift™ Positional Therapy
small and extremely effective neck worn device that keeps you on your side, and trains you to stay there.

For Mild To Moderate Snoring and Apneas


NightLase™ Laser Therapy
(this is the well known “Single & Snoring Invisible Solution”)
A laser is used to painlessly tighten the tissues at the rear of your throat, thus enlarging the air passage.
Current cost is $999 for 3 sessions over about a six week period.
NightLase requires a Doctor consultation before treatment.

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snoring laser treatment sydney

NightLase Treatment

For Mild To Moderate Snoring and Apneas


Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS)
adjustable, custom fitted mouth guard type devices that keep your air passage open by moving your jaw forward.

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A mandibular splint stops snoring

This is a custom moulded and fitted device.
A Doctor consultation is required.
Delivery can take up to 4 weeks

and don’t forget CPAP Therapy – 100% effective if used properly.
Portrayed as Darth Vader like, but I think I look like a Top Gun.
Used by millions of people worldwide successfully and effectively every night.
This is the gold standard for heavy snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

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