Discover the Best Sleep App to Measure Your Snoring

Discover How Nightlase Treatment Reduce Your Snore

Discover How Nightlase Treatment Reduce Your Snore
Sleep Expert Dr. Mark Levi discussed Rodney’s case after being treated with the Nightlase treatment and as he used Snorelab app, the best sleep app, for checking his snore.


Rodney, a really nice young man was not sleeping in the same bed as his wife. We chose to do the Nightlase treatment for him. Why am I discussing now with you today? Because he stands out;


1. He used the Snorelab app which he said choked him get over the line.


2. He was a fabulous case. He started on the Snorelab. His number start 142, he then looks down to 24, he then looks down to 17 and 9 and 6, and then hit a 1 on the snore level, which means zero snoring and ended up back in the main bedroom with his wife and deliriously happy.


Other two issues:


1. He lost a little bit of weight, not lot a little bit weight.


2. He was very conscious what time he drink alcohol and how much alcohol he drinks and that was also helpful. Great case!


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