Positional Applies To Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea Treated With The Nightlase Laser Therapy

Sleep Apnoea Treated With The Nightlase Laser Therapy

“Moderate obstructive sleep apnoea treated with the Nightlase Laser Therapy. Quiet amazing case!

So Robbie, account no. 019634. A really healthy man. He’s 55. He got BMI of 22. No smoking, no alcohol, not a lot of coffee and no comorbidities. In general, good health.

He’s going to Epworth sleepiness score of 10. He’s got snoring during the night. He’s got partner noticing witnessed up tears. The snoring bothers his partner and his rather sleepy during the day.

He used the Nightlase Laser treatment using the shipment Florida USA protocol and after 4 cycles of the night shift, his AHI gone down from 55. So, he’s not breathing almost every minute in an hour. So, his AHI gone from 55 all the way down to 12. Now admittedly most of it, well, almost all of it on his back. So he’s a positional, moderate, I always say patient, but he’s gone from 55 right down to 12 which is just fantastic.

At the moment, we still treating with the positional applies to see if we can get that 12 down to a 4. Thank you very much!”


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