Does Laser Snoring Treatment Really Work?

In August this year, Dr Levi packed up his bags and flew across the world to Florida to attend a conference of some of the world’s experts in laser snoring technology. Spurred on by his passion for discovering new technologies and treatment methodologies, Dr Levi jumped at the opportunity to enhance his expertise in the use of the revolutionary NightLase laser snoring treatment system. While Dr Levi had been impressed by the great results was already getting with NightLase in successfully alleviating snoring and sleep apnoea for many of his patients, he was eager to discover if these results could be improved on even further.

The conference was led by the laser snoring legend, Harvey Schiffman, who developed the training protocol for the NightLase system and is also the chief trainer for Fontana Laser (the manufacturer of the NightLase laser). Once Dr Levi got over his excitement at being in the presence of a laser-dentistry celebrity, he got fixed into learning as much as he could about the NightLase system. Across the world, there are currently 4-8 different techniques being employed to deliver the NightLase laser snoring treatment, but these techniques vary in their efficacy. The technique with the best results is the one designed by Dr Harvey Schiffman in collaboration with Fontana and Dr Levi was personally instructed on this technique by Dr Shiffman himself.

Returning to Australia, armed with his newly enhanced skills and knowledge about the NightLase laser snoring treatment system, Dr Levi has begun implementing the new technique and has been incredibly impressed with the results. There are currently just 10 NightLase machines in Australia and Dr Levi is currently the only practitioner in the country who has been trained by Dr Schiffman, meaning he is the only one using the most effective technique and getting the best results from laser snoring treatments. While the popularity of laser-based treatments is currently exploding, this has unfortunately resulted in many non-specialised clinics offering laser snoring treatments in addition to a range of other cosmetic laser treatments, without having the necessary knowledge and expertise in sleep medicine. This has resulted in many snoring and sleep apnoea sufferers paying to receive a treatment which is ineffective and not appropriate for their unique circumstances.

Dr Levi’s 20 years of experience in sleep medicine means that he uses a rigorous medical method, and he never uses a “one size fits all” approach. He only uses the NightLase laser on patients who are good candidates for the treatment and who are likely to experience great results. If he thinks a patient would be better served by using a MAS, CPAP or another snoring treatment, he will recommend that course of treatment instead of the laser.

That being said, Dr Levi is very excited about the opportunities that laser snoring treatment opens up for his eligible patients. This treatment is delivering great results and it works by simply stimulating the body’s natural collagen, meaning it does not cut, remove tissue, leave a scar or hurt the patient at all, and doesn’t require any anesthetic or down time. To book a consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for laser snoring treatment, call Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic on (02) 9283 1900.



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