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Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic is conveniently located in Sydney CBD on Oxford Street in Oxford Village near Hyde Park. Dr Levi also has a location in the Central Coast. 

All patients attending Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic are welcome to receive a consultation with Dr Levi where he will assess your suitability for a range of snoring and sleep apnoea treatments and recommend a customised solution which meets your needs.

Book a consultation ($60) today so you and your loved ones can regain a good night’s rest again or feel free to send us a message below if you have any questions or queries.

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Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic – Sydney
Oxford Village
63 Oxford Street (Corner of Pelican St)
Darlinghurst NSW

Dr Levi’s Sleep Clinic – Central Coast
Level 1, Riverside Park Office Tower
69 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford

9c/1-10 Amy Close, North Wyong

Office Hours

Mon – Sat: 7am to 7pm

Sun: Closed

Give Us A Shout

Sydney: 02 9283 1900
Central Coast: 02 4384 1900


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