WATCH: Dr. Levi Discussed Snoring On Live TV [Seven Network]

Dr. Levi’s Latest TV Appearance Sleep Medicine Consultant Dr. Mark Levi discussed the cause and a few countermeasures for snoring. Watch this clip of Dr. Levi’s chat with Ed and Zoe on The House of Wellness, only on the Seven …


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"Dr Levi's" is a group of professional health clinics backed by over 30 years’ experience and thousands of happy patients. We are 100% focused on quality, professionalism, and ultimately in delivering the right health outcomes for our patients over many years. With various locations across NSW we are experts in helping you get the perfect nights’ sleep, every night.

As a leading expert in Sleep Health and Sleep Medicine, Dr Levi lectures widely within the Medical Community in both Australia and USA and is also a commentator across National Television and Radio.

Dr Levi's in the Media

Dr Mark Levi has over 30 years’ experience as a Dentist and over 20 years’ in sleep medicine. He is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

As a former sufferer of Sleep Apnoea, Dr Levi understands the problem from all perspectives and has the technical expertise to provide the best customised solutions. Through the Sleep Clinic, Dr Levi identifies the correct pathway to direct patients to the appropriate solution to fit their individual needs.

Dr Levi lectures widely and is a sleep health commentator on television and radio.

Dr Mark V. Levi

BDS (Sydney University)

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a little known yet high impact problem for many people. Studies reveal that approximately 70% of people who regularly snore also have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). This is a condition in which the soft tissues in the throat slightly collapse and are sucked against the back of the throat – manifesting in what is commonly referred to as snoring.

Sleep apnoea blocks the upper airway and airflow stops or is greatly reduced. This can have 3 serious effects:

  • 1. When the blood oxygen level becomes low enough the brain sends an arousal signal and the sleeper partially awakens, disrupting sleep
  • 2. Loud and disruptive noise for others sharing the bedroom
  • 3. If left untreated, there is risk of stroke, hypertension and heart disease

Read more about how sleep apnoea can cause other health problems here.


Snoring and sleepiness affects over 40% of the adult population, often causing significant health and quality of life problems.

Aside from health risks, snoring is a major cause of frustration in relationships. Many couples need to sleep in separate bedrooms which can cause discomfort and is particularly a problem when travelling.

Perhaps the most significant issue surrounding snoring is how detrimental it is to the quality of sleep of the snorer. When you breathe normally, air passes through the nose and past the flexible structures in the back of the throat such as the soft palate, uvula and tongue. Whilst you are awake muscles hold the airway open. When you fall asleep these muscles relax, and the quality of air going to your body can be significantly reduced.

Snoring is the sound of obstructed breathing during sleep in which the soft tissues at the back of the throat lose muscle tone, flop back and vibrate.

Sleep CPAP machines used to be regarded as the gold standard for Sleep Apnoea however MAS (Mandibular Advancement Splints) are now being used with great success without the cumbersome and uncomfortable aspects of the CPAP machines. As a customised solution and one that is less obstructive, oral appliances are gaining more and more popularity.

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